Kim Johnson Alta Wine Labels

ALTA Wines
Alta is a wine brand committed to the Adelaide Hills, a region renowned for producing outstanding cool climate fruit that is unique in its varietal expression reflecting the variation in mesoclimates across the region.
What emerged as a single varietal in 2004, the Alta Sauvignon Blanc, has now grown into exceptional portfolio of wines which include Alta Sauvignon Blanc, Alta Pinot GrigioAlta “For Elsie” Pinot Noir Rose, and Alta Shiraz.
Each wine is unique in its varietal expression but together the four wines encapsulate the essence of the Adelaide Hills.
“The French notion of terroir is both simple and brilliant. I choose to work with varieties that thrive in their immediate surroundings and then using an array of winemaking techniques, pushing each parcel of fruit to its varietal limits to create wine styles that depict strong varietal character, distinctive regional expression and have great depth and structure.” 
Winemaker, Sarah Fletcher.
Along with the support of distributor Mezzanine, Alta has enjoyed significant growth in both sales and brand recognition over the last 10 years and with plans to extend the portfolio with a selection of high quality reds in the not too distant future, there is exciting times ahead!