Kena Ravel new illustrator

Growing up, Kena Ravel’s constant companions were her sketch pad and her pets. Later, her passion for art led her to pursue an artistic life. Today, she’s a prolific illustrator who draws inspiration from everyday life. An avid traveler and keen observer, she finds the interesting, touching and humorous in the simplest of settings. Her detailed, colorful line drawings provide recognizable vignettes that are designed to inform while often subtly amusing the viewer. Whether it’s an image for an editorial, a series of illustrations for a book or sketches for an infographic, she greatly enjoys taking each client’s vision and bringing it to life on the page in an entertaining and engaging manner.


Kena Ravel’s work has been featured on and the homepage of Le Book, plus, it has been highlighted by various celebrities, including best-selling author Dr. Jonny Bowden and reality tv star Jacqueline Laurita of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Kena Ravel red couch