Jerome Studer for Boston Globe Article, “In Praise of Purposeful Loafing”

Jerome Studer’s image appeared in the Boston Globe recently for an article about working out the mind instead of the body…or rather, in addition to the body. Many benefits of physical exercise to improve and maintain good health are a constant topic of conversation. It is also widely recognized, however, that numerous health benefits also result from being still, quieting the mind, reflecting and meditating, yet this activity takes a back seat to physical exercise.

Among the benefits? Stress reduction, pain management, and more measured, less reactionary responses to the turmoil we often experience in our day.

We think it’s clear Jerome quieted his mind for this assignment and created the perfect visual solution, clearly proving the merits of thoughtful reflection. See the full Boston Globe article!

In Praise of Purposeful Loafing. Illustration of woman at beach meditating


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