Francis Livingston’s Personal Sustainability Statement

By Francis Livingston

In the western states, one of the great concerns for people is the dwindling supply of water. The ground water in our area here in Idaho is still adequate, but too many seasons of drought and increased population have lowered it considerably.

We have old water rights that are ours to use but we choose not to. Instead, we “bank” our water with an Idaho water conservation group. This water is then returned to the Big Wood River. As a result, the water finds its way downstream to furnish much needed additional water to wildlife and the surrounding habitat.

Our limited landscaping consists only of trees and plants that would grow in this valley naturally, like Aspen and cottonwood trees and various willows and bushes.

We have no formal lawn and let the local grasses grow. Noxious weeds are pulled and we never use pesticides.

We have abundant wildlife here including beaver. In an effort to save the major beaver dam in the stream on our property, we and a few of our neighbors put flow through pipes in the dam to allow water to pass through. This allowed the beavers keep their habitat and the water users downstream to receive an adequate supply of water.

We are always reminded that the plants and animals own this place and we just live here.

Francis Livingston's Personal Sustainability Statement, Francis Livingston still life Watermelon Painting

Francis Livingston still life Watermelon Painting

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