Vince McIndoe

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Vincent McIndoe is a commercial and fine artist of international renown. Over his 25- year career, he has won numerous honors; among them a Gold Award in International Packaging (1997, London Art Directors Association) and a Gold Award for Beer Posters of the Year in North America (1996).

His list of prominent and prestigious clients includes American Express, Coca Cola, Molson Brewing Company, Labatt’s Brewing Co., Reader’s Digest, Scotia Bank, Four Season’s Hotels, Annheuser-Busch, Prego, Smirnoff, Nike, Canada Post Corp., Campbell’s, Kraft General Foods, BMW, Jaguar,Dare, Nestle, Wrigley’s, Lindt Chocolate, Starbucks ,Penguin Publishing, Harper Collins, Volkswagen, Honda, Inter-Continental Hotels, Stolichnaya Vodka ,Jadot Wines.

Vincent’s commissions range from branding and store design to animations. Though he has accomplished in several media, he is best known for his graphics and oil painting styles. Vince’s Belle Epoque approach to poster begins with the surface texture. Great effort is taken to achieve a lithographic surface. Then, multi-glazed layers bring out the richness that only oil paint possesses. Inspired by the post-impressionistic works of Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent has created extraordinary posters for Moet et Chandon, Waterman, the Tour de France and several wine festivals. He was also commissioned to create portraits of Queen Elizabeth, Michael Jordan, Bob Dylan, Bono, Madonna, Levi Strauss in his painting style as well as more than 20 commemorative stamps for Canada Post and a silver dollar for the Royal Canadian Mint.


Partial client list
Moet and Chandon, Stolichnaya Vodka, The Royal Canadian Mint, The Canada Post Corporation ,The Big Apple Circus, Crush Wine Bar, Wine Spectator,Waterman Pens,Time Magazine,,New Statesman Magazine,The Museum of London,Redbull, Tokaji, Anheuser-Busch, Jaguar, Barclay’s Champagne, Festival, Romana Sambucca, Starbucks, BBC ,Radio Times, The London Times,F1 50th Grand Prix at Silverstone, Honda, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Levi Strauss, Nike,Popular Science ,The Economist, MacCallan Whiskey ,Zinfest, and many more.


Vince McIndoe is represented by Lindgren Smith