Tanguy Jestin

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Tanguy Jestin is a French artist & illustrator who lives and works in Paris, famous for his color-full illustrations strongly focused on storytelling.

He develops his personal works as an illustrator while working as a designer in design agencies in Paris.

Inspired by Pop Art, Fauvism, surrealism and social media culture, his art is characterized by multiple shades of blue, purple and pink, and many other colors.

Tanguy Jestin is also a Jazz & Funk pianist and his art is strongly inspired by his many travels across Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

His personal creations express the ambiguous relationship between humans, earth and nature. Timeless landscapes and mysterious situations feature characters in search of meaning. The scenes tell a short story or let the public try to imagine what lies behind every scene.

His illustrations are in vectors, delivering fully resizable, editable, sharp and clean art works that are possible to animate. 


Tanguy Jestin

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