Martin Sanders

1 Bio

I’m a UK based illustrator, brought up in SW England. I spent 4 years studying illustration at Falmouth art college, where I was lucky enough to have been taught by some amazing tutors and have a training that included all the essentials from pencil drawing and painting to photography and technical illustration.

My first couple of years out of college were spent working at a commercial illustration studio, followed by 20 plus years living in and around Oxford as a freelancer.

Watercolors, inks and airbrush made way for the leap into digital illustration and the wonderful world of photoshop, where I’ve existed ever since.

I’ve worked for most major publishers and a fair few small ones, during which time I’ve illustrated countless encyclopedias, reference and text books.

After being commissioned by Oxford University Press to illustrate the maps for a history series, ranging from Ancient Romans to WWII, maps became a speciality. For several years I was the main map artist for BBC History Magazine. My maps have appeared in atlases, books and as posters worldwide.

I work with the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and the Smithsonian Institute in the US. A few years ago I was commissioned by the Folio Society to work on a map of Earthsea overseen by Ursula LeGuin.

I currently live and work with my family in Somerset on the edge of a village amongst old cider orchards, green fields and mole hills.

When not working I’m out walking with my dog (every freelancer needs a dog) or spending weekends living in castles and teaching sword fighting.