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Martin Sanders

Martin Sanders

Martin Sanders is a UK based illustrator, brought up in SW England. He spent four years studying illustration at art college in Cornwall, followed by a couple of years working at a commercial illustration studio illustrating anything and everything in a variety of styles, before settling down as a freelancer.

There’s not much he hasn’t illustrated over the years. The first half of his career he spent with a paint brush in his hand working in watercolors, the second half staring at his mac computer working entirely in photoshop.

Martin has worked for most major publishers and a fair few small ones, during which time he has illustrated countless encyclopedias, reference books and textbooks.

Several years back, he was commissioned by Oxford University Press to illustrate the maps for a history series, ranging from Ancient Romans to WWII. Since then, maps have become a speciality. Martin Sanders is the main map artist for BBC History Magazine, and his maps have appeared in atlases, books and as posters worldwide.

Recent clients include: The Smithsonian magazine, American Airlines, US magazine, LA Magazine, Dorling Kindersley, the BBC and the Folio society.

He currently lives and works with his family in Somerset on the edge of a village amongst old cider orchards, green  fields and mole hills. In his spare time Martin digs ponds , walks his dog, and recently much to his own surprise, has taken up sword fighting. Who knew you even could?

Martin Sander’s dog, having rolled in a daily batch of fresh Badger poo, likes to curl up under the desk at the feet of Martin Sanders and let his newly acquired aroma overpower Martin Sanders as, eyes watering, Martin Sanders sits above illustrating or even as now writing his Martin Sanders SEO friendly Bio


Martin Sanders Client List includes:

US Magazine
G.P. Putnam’s Sons & Nancy Paulsen Books
Smithsonian Magazine
LA Magazine
American Way
Scouting Magazine
Organic Gardening
Austin Monthly
Food Arts
Cambridge University Press
Harper Collins

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