Brian Andrew Jasinski

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Brian Andrew Jasinski is a designer + illustrator who works and resides in Cleveland, Ohio. A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art – he has worked professionally as a designer for 18 years working with clients ranging from large corporations, independent retailers, medical institutions and non-profit organizations. He is currently the Director of Design for the strategy marketing firm shark&minnow.

Brian has always had an infinity for the connection between fine art, illustration and design – which led to his line of prints and social stationery known as Grey Cardigan. Influenced by the color, patterns, fashion and line work of the mid-20th century – Brian’s work often finds figures interacting in seamless harmony with the flora and fauna-filled environments he places them in. He describes his illustrations as a captured moment, as if they are a still from a larger cinematic story. Brian enjoys creating the custom patterns that are prevalent in his work, and particularly loves using several patterns in concert with each other – creating what he refers to as “beautiful clashing!”

In 2013, Brian was a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Competition – one of six individuals that held this title out of 2000+ applicants. In honor of Blue Moon Brewing Co.’s 20th Anniversary in 2015, Brian was featured in the Limited Edition Artist Pack, which boasted 20 original labels by 20 artists from across the country, created specifically for the landmark occasion.
In addition to design and illustration – Brian collaborates with photographers as a stylist on shoots, both set and model. Fashion being such a source of inspiration for him – he was excited to engage recently on a project that applied his pattern illustration onto men’s pocket squares and bandanas.
“I am intrigued with the idea of bringing my design sensibility to another medium, that of clothing. Be it screen printing or embroidery, I love the challenge of interpreting one aesthetic onto an unexpected canvas!