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Giselle Potter

My parents and grandparents were all artists so it’s not surprising that I became one too. I spent a lot of time in my grandfather’s studio, where he let me add to his abstract paintings and music. When I was three, my parents started a puppet theater company called “The Mystic Paper Beasts” and my sister and I traveled and performed with them through out the United States and Europe. My drawings and illustrated journals from my travels inspire me still and led to the children’s books “The Year I Didn’t Go To School” and “Chloe’s Birthday..and me”

I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1994 and spent my last year in Rome with RISD’s European Honors Program. Chronicle Books then published “Lucy’s Eyes and Margaret’s Dragon;Lives of the Virgin Saints” a book of saint paintings and stories I made while I was in Rome.

After moving to Brooklyn, I got my first freelance illustration job with the New Yorker. My New Yorker illustrations inspired a lucky chain of work with many magazines and children’s books.

My first children’s book, “Mr. Semolina-Semolinus; a Greek folk tale” was published in 1997, and I have illustrated more than thirty books since then. I have illustrated stories by such authors as Toni Morrison, Mary Pope Osborne, Ursula Hegi, Mathea Harvey and Gertrude Stein. I wrote and illustrated my two most recent books;Tell Me What to Dream About and This is My Dollhouse.

I have also continued to do editorial work and I currently illustrate a weekly column for the New York Times called Ties in the Well section.

I live with my husband and two daughters in the Hudson Valley.


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