Becca Santo

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Becca Santo is an illustrator based just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. She attended the Cleveland Institute of Art,

earning her BFA in Illustration. Her areas of focus lie in publishing, editorial, and design.

Growing up as a dozy day dreamer, Rebecca’s childhood goal was to illustrate the magical dreams she had when

she was young. When not illustrating whimsical fairy tales, she is constantly inspired by the simple wonders in her

everyday surroundings, from nature, to music, to even her favorite foods. Keeping her childhood imagination by her

side, she brings mood and emotion to life through color, light and texture.

Aside from illustrating, Rebecca’s favorite things to do include listening to music, traveling, and drinking copious

amounts of coffee and peppermint tea. She currently works from home in Ohio, but someday she hopes to live and

work in Europe.

Rebecca is also a member of SCBWI and Illustrators For Hire, and has earned several awards and recognitions for

her work, including The Cleveland Institute of Art, dPICTUS, and SCBWI.

Her clients include:

Cleveland Natural History Museum

JOANN Fabrics and Crafts

Marcus Thomas

Recycled Paper Greetings

Cleveland Public Theatre

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