John Holcroft’s Operation

John Holcroft‘s operation game shows that juggling finances can be a risky proposition. John creates incredible and thought provoking illustrations that are impactful and often tinged with a touch of humor and honesty.

John Holcroft's Operation

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MLB Opening Day April 4th

MLB Opening Day is April 4th and Regan Dunnick is ready for the season to begin. Regan is giving us a look at the action taking place at spring training camps. We also get a peek at what’s to come this year as Major League Baseball season kicks off April 4th. It’s safe to say, baseball is in “full swing”. Check out Regan’s colorful cast of characters.

MLB Opening Day April 4th MLB Opening Day April 4th MLB Opening Day April 4th MLB Opening Day April 4th

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Jim Salvati’s Personal Statement on Sustainability

By Jim Salvati’s Portfolio

To me it is all about our youth. It is funny because I surf and use the ocean every week. I surfed today and this year I noticed how clean the water has been and how much active marine life there is.

The whales are moving in abundance and the sea lions and dolphins are everywhere. I surf with teenagers and talk with them about it. I also work and contribute to many organizations and a Sustainability web site.

The surf industry has designed Board Shorts and Clothing directly from Recycled Plastic Water Bottles, they are cool and comfortable. In the big circle of life “Lion King” :), we need to educate and start now with the youth of today and start this habit.

This is what it means to me:

To be responsible stewards of the earth and respect the needs of future generations, we have to use the resources we have been given in a way that respects that balance. Starts with us and to educate our youth to carry on this new tradition.

The need for environmental sustain ability is seen most clearly in agriculture. We all have to be fed, clothed, and sheltered every day and as such our choices with regards to those needs shape how industry behaves. As we choose cleaner more sustainable produced goods the demand goes up for those goods and manufacturers must move in that direction as the demand dictates. By educating ourselves, our youth and making conscious choices about what we consume, we can join the worldwide movement towards a safer, cleaner, and healthier world.

Choose to  “Do The Right Things, The Right Way, For The Right Reasons”. That starts with respecting the balance of our shared Ecosystem, Planet Earth and valuing the combined efforts of everyone working towards that end.

We can do something about the quality of our water; land and air by choosing to buy with sustain ability in mind.

Jim Salvati's Personal Statement on Sustainability

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Gayle Kabaker’s Illustration in Lenny e-Magazine

Gayle Kabaker‘s illustration appears in the very popular Lenny e-magazine. Created by Girls TV series creator and star, Lena Dunham, and Jenni Konner, the magazine features articles on politics, feminism, style and more.

Gayle Kabaker had the opportunity to create an illustration for an article written by Kira Garcia, titled “About Natasha“. In the article, Kira writes about the history of a childhood toxic relationship. Kira’s friend, Natasha, could turn on a dime, treating Kira as a cherished friend one minute and a “punching bag” the next. With maturity and distance, Kira is able to reflect on their relationship and understand what kind of role she played in their friendship. Gayle captured the two sides of Natasha and the author’s own ambivalence about their relationship.

Gayle Kabaker's Illustration in Lenny e-Magazine

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Gordon Parks Wins NAACP Image Award

Gordon Parks: How the Photographer Captured Black and White America, won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Children’s Literary Work! The story, authored by Carole Boston Weatherford, is truly inspiring. Published by Albert Whitman & Company, the book tells the story of Gordon Parks, considered a pioneer as one of the first African-American filmmakers of his time. He was a prominent figure in photojournalism, documenting the civil rights movement and poverty in America.

Our very own Jamey Christoph helped bring the pages to life with his amazing illustrations. Meticulously researched, Jamey brings a warmth and depth to all of the images throughout the book. Incredibly captivating, they help tell the story and bring Carole’s words to life.

What a truly wonderful achievement for Jamey. We’re so happy for the recognition Jamey and Carole have received and the positive impact the story has had on children everywhere.

Gordon Parks Wins NAACP Image Award

Gordon Parks Wins NAACP Image Award, christoph.j.GordonParks3

Gordon Parks Wins NAACP Image Award, Jamey Christoph Gordon Parks book illustration


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Pledge Your Love This Valentine’s Day

Pledge your love this Valentine’s Day! Sunday, February 14th is the day we open our hearts and let that special someone we adore know just how much we love them. It’s the day we show appreciation and shower heaps of praise on the special people in our lives and remind them just how truly special they are to you. Valentine’s Day is the day to show your feelings and wear them on your sleeve in full view for all to see.

Our illustrators have created beautiful imagery to express the day we pledge our love, so we hope you can find a little inspiration here.

Pledge Your Love This Valentine's Day

Pledge Your Love This Valentine's Day, Charles Pyle retro illustration

Pledge Your Love This Valentine's Day,

Pledge Your Love This Valentine's Day, Anna Lazareva Young Couple Illustration




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We’re Ready for Superbowl Sunday!

We’re Ready for Superbowl Sunday! We hope you are, too. The important preparations have been make, like the food menu, which brand of beer will be served and which team jersey we’re going to wear.

To get the action started we think it’s appropriate to show off some of our favorite football players – from some of our favorite illustrators – on paper anyway. From rough and tumble players that look like they might take your head off to a blast from the past with two top past players from the Denver Broncos we’re showing up for game day and representing!

Take a look below and click on each images to see more at Lindgren & Smith’s website.

We're Ready for Superbowl Sunday!, Regan Dunnick football players illustration

We're Ready for Superbowl Sunday!

We're Ready for Superbowl Sunday!

We're Ready for Superbowl Sunday!

We're Ready for Superbowl Sunday!, Regan Dunnick football humorous illustration

We're Ready for Superbowl Sunday!

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Jamey Christoph’s Personal Statement of Sustainability

By Jamey Christoph

“Like so many artists today, I try to conserve art supplies and paper where I can. I save a good deal of paper by drawing on the backside of old drawings and junk mail. I drive a hybrid car and am fortunate to live in a community with a great recycling program.  One of my favorite things to draw are trees, their complexity and grace is so beautiful for me – I find their soaring branches to be very spiritual.”

Jamey Christoph's Personal Statement of Sustainability, Jamey Christoph London Characters Illustration

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Gayle Kabaker’s Illustrations for ACIS

Gayle Kabaker’s illustrations grace the cover and interior of the acis educational travel catalog. Gayle creates beautiful painterly and emotive imagery for a long list of happy clients. Below is a short interview with Gayle about her successful working relationship with the wonderful people at acis and what inspires her. See more from Gayle here.

Hi Gayle,
We love the beautiful images you created for acis. How many years have you illustrated their catalog? How did your working relationship begin with ACIS? 

This was my fourth catalog cover and the third time creating the art that appears on the interior pages.  I’ve known the CEO and founder for many years and we’ve become very good friends. I saw that he used illustration in his catalog but always photography on the cover. I used to say to him, “Hey, you should use me!” Finally, after a little repeated nudging, my opportunity came when he wound up disliking the photo supplied by the design firm. He asked for my help at the last minute which resulted in a great cover for the catalog. I’ve been doing them ever since!

Gayle Kabaker's Illustrations for ACIS, ACIS_Catalogcover

Were there any challenges that surprised you and how did you solve them?

I always do many many versions of the cover idea, sometimes because I am given a really hard idea to try, like bridges, or last year they wanted a fountain in it.  It is never easy, but it always ends up pushing me creatively in a good way and they are always happy. WHEW! In part, it’s also because of our friendship I think. But our relationship allows me to try many different ideas.

What is your favorite part in any project you work on?

The beginning idea phase and when I am done!

Gayle Kabaker's Illustrations for ACIS

Gayle Kabaker's Illustrations for ACIS
I know you sketch a lot. You sketch day to day moments, favorite subjects, always experimenting. Can you tell us a little about that and what it means to you?

This is a way to keep my ideas flowing and keep my painting fresh. I do a lot of different things, like teaching, design projects, etc, and can often go a week without painting. This keeps me working at something daily if I stay disciplined.

Gayle Kabaker's Illustrations for ACIS

What do you love to do in your downtime?

I am vegan and Iove to cook and try new recipes. I love going to the movies and also snuggling with my dog, Charlie, while watching movies at home. I am really into jogging, yoga and spinning, but not sure I can say I LOVE those things, but I NEED themI also love to travel and find myself doing a lot more of this for work. Next week I go to Rin Con, Puerto Rico to paint and sketch the experience of being at a hotel for the week. It doesn’t really feel like work because I love doing it so much.

Gayle Kabaker's Illustrations for ACIS

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